Rescue Sirens x Siren Bath & Body giveaway on Instagram August 16, 2016 10:17

From Jess: 

I don't consider myself super girly (that's where Echo and Kelby get their tomboyishness, in fact), but I have a serious weakness for perfumes, especially tropical scents. I hoard them like a dragon hoards treasure; I love the way a scent can evoke a memory or help create a new one, and there's something really satisfying about seeing a line of bottles arranged carefully on a shelf. I went through a big bath and body mall chain phase in college, but today I prefer to buy from independent fragrance creators that I find online.

One of my favorites is Siren Bath & Body, a company that I discovered on Etsy this past March. I've been hooked ever since -- obviously, the shop's name and the theme are right up my alley, but it's more than just cute names and appealing packaging: the products themselves are awesome, and the owner, Jessi, is a woman after my own sea-loving heart. She's also friendly, professional, and REALLY good at what she does, which is why I love ordering from Siren Bath & Body.

I moved to California from Florida four and a half years ago, and every day I miss the warm ocean water and hot summer nights of my home state. Siren Bath & Body's summer collection -- including the scents I'm holding in the photo above: Tahitian Tiare, Wild Gardenia, Island Grapefruit (one of my favorites), and Aruba Coconut -- brings back sun-drenched memories and helps me cope when the thermometer dips below seventy-five degrees (brr!).

Why am I sharing this? Well, not only do I believe in supporting and promoting small businesses, but Jessi and I have also come up with a sweet-smelling Instagram giveaway to celebrate the paperback reprint of "Rescue Sirens: The Search for the Atavist"!

I asked Jessi if she could help me come up with five perfume oils inspired by the main characters in "Rescue Sirens: The Search for the Atavist," and she did a phenomenal job taking my descriptions and turning them into amazing, unique scents. Nim is a tropical paradise in a bottle: a little floral, a little fruity, a little salty, and oh-so-summery; Kelby is warm and sweet with a bit of spiciness; Echo is crisp, no-frills ocean spray; Pippa is fueled by sugar and coffee; and Maris is cool and sophisticated, a refreshing bubbly drink on a hot summer day. The process of choosing just the right scent for each girl was so much fun, and the final products are mer-mazing. I can’t thank Jessi enough -- and her awesome Siren Bath & Body team, too!

Just look at that fintastic package design! I'm crazy about how these turned out.

You can win a set of all five scents, one of Siren Bath & Body's addictive Mermaid Kisses lip balm, and a signed paperback copy of the book by entering the giveaway. Follow both @sirensoap and @rescuesirens on Instagram, then tag a friend in Siren Bath & Body's post. (Each friend you tag per comment is a bonus entry, too.) The winner will be announced this Saturday, August 20th!

To see more of Siren Bath & Body's wonderful products, visit their website and their Etsy, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

UPDATE: Siren Bath & Body announced the giveaway winner, and the lucky entrant was Instagram user @shred_mel_shred!

Mel received a signed copy of "Rescue Sirens: The Search for the Atavist" along with a Mermaid Kisses lip balm and the five exclusive "Rescue Sirens"-inspired perfumes, a picture of which she posted when they arrived:

Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks once again to Siren Bath & Body for collaborating with us on this giveaway!