Pin Pals April 30, 2019 20:33

From Jess: 

How is it already the end of April?! ...oh, wait: we're getting ready for SDCC 2019, continuing to work on the "Rescue Sirens" pitch, and Chris is up to his eyeballs in "Call of the Wild" post-production. Talk about making time fly!

Some of the items that I've been working on for SDCC (and online sales!) are new enamel pins. I've teamed up with amazing artist Kellee Riley (who's one of our wonderful guest artists) to create a number of enamel pins and fun accessories for every "Rescue Sirens" and mermaid fan.

Kellee will be debuting the first of the new "Rescue Sirens" pins at MegaCon -- pretty perfect, since MegaCon falls during Mer-May this year! (May 16th-19th, to be precise.) MegaCon takes place in Orlando, Florida, and I'll always consider it my "home con." I used to dress up as some of my favorite comics, film, and video game characters, and MegaCon was the very first convention at which I costumed! It's a fun show, and I hope many of you get to visit Kellee there at Artist Alley 16PR and pick up some of her gorgeous artwork and personal pins (she really does make some of the best mermaid pins in existence!) as well as the "Rescue Sirens" pins she'll have for sale.

For those of you who can't make it to The City Beautiful, don't worry: I'll be selling our "Rescue Sirens" pins online after MegaCon, and setting some aside to bring to SDCC, too.

I always have to have something to do to keep myself occupied. If I get frustrated or burnt out or just temporarily bored with one thing, or if I'm waiting on someone else's feedback or contribution before I can move forward, then I can shift gears and bounce onto another project. It's a great way to keep my brain fresh while still getting something done! (Of course, this sometimes leads to a myriad of partially-finished projects, but I usually finish them at some point.) That's what getting into enamel pin-making has been for me lately, and I can't thank Kellee enough for her advice, her help, and her friendship. I think you're really going to love these new pins!

And as for the accessories? Well... that would be telling.  =)  All will be revealed in Mer-May!

P.S. Don't forget to follow Kellee on Instagram! She's always posting gorgeous mermaid art and sharing her new pin designs.