Gallery: "Rescue Sirens" Photos

Silicone mermaid tails are magical! Here, you'll find photographs of "Rescue Sirens" creator and co-author Jessica Steele-Sanders dressed as the Rescue Sirens' team leader, Nim. Her incredible mermaid tail, seaweed top, and hair accessories were all expertly crafted by Raven and Tyler Sutter at Merbella Studios, Inc.

To see the tail in action, visit the Videos page.

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Photographer: Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders is Jessica Steele-Sanders' "Rescue Sirens" co-author and husband.

Photographer: Andrew Brusso

Andrew Brusso is a phenomenal photographer whose underwater work is seen every year in the gorgeous "Weeki Wachee Mermaids" wall calendar (available via Merstar). 

Photographer: Brenda Stumpf

Brenda Stumpf is a Los Angeles-based underwater photographer with a dreamy, otherworldly style. This shoot was facilitated by Sheroes Entertainment Mermaids and Pirates.

Stay tuned for more silicone mermaid tail photos!