Nim and Kelby, drawn by Brianna Garcia April 23, 2016 17:29

From Jess: 

One of the artists that Chris and I like to pester visit with the most during comic conventions is illustrator, storyboard revisionist, and color stylist Brianna Garcia. Her drawings are fun, joyful, and utterly beautiful, and she herself is such a pleasure to talk to! We'd been wanting to commission her for quite some time, and we finally asked if she wouldn't mind drawing two of our Rescue Sirens: Nim and Kelby. Luckily for us, Brianna agreed!

Working with her was a breeze; after we briefly described what we were thinking about, Brianna went off and came back with four awesome sketches of Nim and Kelby being BFFs (best fins forever) together. The hardest part was choosing which version to bring to final!

(Click to enlarge.)

Any one of them would've been amazing, but we finally decided on the second of the four sketches. The endearing expressions and the poses that showed off both girls' mermaid tails helped make this our favorite, so Brianna cleaned up her drawing and gave it a striking paint job:

Gorgeous, isn't it? Chris and I are so happy that we had the opportunity to commission Brianna -- her take on Nim and Kelby couldn't be cuter!

To see more of Brianna's wonderful artwork, check out her Instagram and Tumblr.