Kawaii Shark Ita Bag Giveaway August 2, 2019 18:42

From Jess: 

As promised, here's the information on the Instagram giveaway we're currently holding for our Kawaii Shark ita bag!

In order to fund mass production of these bags, we need to sell a lot of pre-orders; in order to sell a lot of pre-orders, we need to spread the word. That's what this giveaway is all about -- that, that, and giving one lucky, randomly-selected shark fan a free bag! If you've already pre-ordered, 1) you're awesome, and we love you, and we literally couldn't do this without you, and 2) you can totally still enter, with the option to receive a refund on your purchase OR a second bag.

Here's how to enter:

1. You must be following @rescuesirens on Instagram.
2. Like AND comment (the shark emoji, your favorite shark species, etc.) on THIS INSTAGRAM POST to enter your name 2 times.
3. Tag a shark-loving friend ON THIS INSTAGRAM POST for 1 entry per friend, up to 5 entries -- but celeb/brand accounts don't count!
4. Share this post via your Instagram Stories for 3 entries.
5. Repost this post (via a reposting app or screenshots) to your PUBLIC Instagram account and tag @rescuesirens for another 5 entries.

      All in all, you have the opportunity to put your name in the (virtual) hat a total of 15 times! The more entries you have, the better your chance to win.

      Don't forget to tag and/or mention @rescuesirens when you share/repost so we can find and count your entries! We'll also be checking the #kawaiisharkitabag hashtag.

      Our giveaway will conclude this Sunday, August 4th, at 6:00 PM PDT (that's Disneyland time), with the winner randomly selected and announced after that.

      The fine print: we're not associated with Instagram in any way, shape, or form; no purchase necessary; open worldwide; must be 18+ to enter. The bags will not be completed and ready to ship for several months, so the winner will receive their bag when the pre-orders are mailed out.

      All pins pictured are illustrated by @kelleeart and are not included with the bag (so you should totally follow her on Instagram and collect all of them!).

      Good luck, and best fishes!