2018 MERchandise ideas February 28, 2018 23:42

From Jess:  

Holy mackerel! Another month has gone by in a flash -- to be fair, of course, February is the shortest month. Still, it seems like I was just writing last month's blog post!

A fellow San Diego Comic-Con exhibitor once remarked to us, "Comic-Con is either a year away or a month away." Truer words were never spoken! You break down your booth at SDCC, relieved that you can get a full night's sleep and start eating a real lunch again but simultaneously sad that it'll be another twelve months before you can see all your con friends again... and then you turn around and it's already time to start getting ready for the next one. While we won't have a new "Rescue Sirens" book with us for SDCC 2018, we do have several merchandise ideas in mind, and we'd love to hear what you'd like to see!

Possible SDCC 2018 merch ideas include: 

  • More enamel pins. If we don't manage to create new pins, we're thinking about releasing a second edition of 2017's pins, which would be different from last year's.
  • New stickers. You guys really liked our high-quality vinyl stickers, and they're fun and easy to produce.
  • Acrylic charms. I'm a little addicted to acrylic charms: the sort you can use as a keychain, hang from your Nintendo 3DS or the zipper on your backpack, or even turn into a pendant if you string them on a necklace. I'd love to make an acrylic charm for each of the Rescue Sirens!
  • Water bottles. We've sold full-color water bottles in the past and got such a kick out of it! Making "Rescue Sirens" water bottles would be awesome.
  • Lanyards. There are so many cute lanyards out there -- is a lanyard covered in "Rescue Sirens" artwork something that you would want to buy?
  • Art prints. This isn't something that we've really offered at SDCC (not for "Rescue Sirens," at least), but vivid art prints or even postcards are a possibility if there's enough interest.

We might also bring some of our rad online merchandise, like our tote bags or hats (items that are one-size-fits-all). Maybe even some of our beach towels that I designed last year! Our plan at the moment is to get the beach towels up on the website when spring rolls around so people can purchase them in anticipation of summer and warmer weather; SDCC is in July, so it'd still be the perfect time to buy them.

Here are a few other new products that I've been kicking around as possibilities for online sales:

  • Women's and kids' leggings (of course!)
  • Women's one-piece swimsuits
  • Women's dresses
  • Backpacks
  • Drawstring bags

Sometimes (okay, frequently) I bite off more than I can chew when it comes to my projects, but I figure that if I try to create a bunch of different things at one time, at least some of them will get finished!

If there's something that you really want to see made available, though, definitely let us know at! That way, I can focus my time and effort on merchandise that the largest number of people are interested in.