"Rescue Sirens" in 2016 January 25, 2016 16:11

From Jess: 

Happy 2016, everyone! Chris and I have had our heads down since the holidays, working hard on the next stories in the "Rescue Sirens" series--yes, stories, plural.  =)  "Rescue Sirens" is like a friendly hydra: we think we've tackled one story, but then three more spring up in its place! It's a good problem to have, but it does mean that we have less time to devote to social media because we're writing on multiple projects simultaneously. Thank you all for bearing with us during our occasional absences!

Our initial plan for the second book in the series was to revolve around Echo (one of my favorite characters to write), but what was supposed to be a short little story about Maris grew into something more substantial, and, due to the fact that her story comes before Echo's chronologically, Maris has temporarily stolen the spotlight. (How very like her.) Echo's book is still being written; we just realized that Maris's story was bigger than we first thought.

Authors are always talking about characters taking on a life of their own. I used to think that was an exaggeration, but writing "Rescue Sirens" has taught me otherwise: these characters absolutely go off in unexpected directions, and sometimes it feels like we're following them more than we're writing them.

At any rate, we hope to finish both stories by the end of the year, life and schedules permitting, so keep your fingers crossed that we can pull this off. We have a few other, non-novel projects that we'd like to get going, as well (like some awesome new T-shirt designs!), so we hope that 2016 is an even more exciting year for "Rescue Sirens" than 2015 was!