Night Swimming March 30, 2018 17:30

From Jess: 

I've been sitting on these photos of me in my Nim tail for many moons, but, with International Mermaid Day falling yesterday, I decided to (finally) get around to (somewhat) color-correcting them and sharing the first one on our Instagram account. I think there are few things I'm worse at than consistent image color-correction (maybe parallel parking), and the photos from this shoot were extra challenging for me because they were both underwater and at night. Yikes!

(Click to enlarge.)

I've had underwater photos taken several times, but this is the first time I've worked with my husband and "Rescue Sirens" co-author, Chris! He wanted to test out his new underwater camera housing, and I was happy to get some in-tail practice while we were at it. I did a terrible job during the day, but, when we got back in the pool that night, I relaxed and -- like magic -- the photos turned out worlds better!

Chris and I were both effectively blind, since the pool that we were in lacked lights and thus our only illumination was the camera flash, but, as you can see, we got a few really amazing shots. This is what I imagine the Rescue Sirens would look like while hanging out in the Diving Belle's pool during their late-night get-togethers! I can't wait for our next opportunity to take underwater mermaid photos like this.

As always, I have Merbella Studios to thank for my gorgeous Nim tail.