Mer-May giveaway winners! June 14, 2016 18:21

From Jess: 

Our book giveaway for Mer-May last month was such fun and a great success! Each "mermaid Monday" in May, we posted an image on our Instagram and invited "Rescue Sirens" fans to re-post that image on their accounts to enter for a chance to win one of our remaining first edition hardcover books, personalized by yours truly and Chris.

In addition to re-posting a "Rescue Sirens" image, we also asked giveaway entrants to share with us their favorite Siren. We did this because I wanted to include some little extras along with the copies of the books and I thought it would be cool to send items themed to each winner's favorite character, but reading about why people liked each character was an unexpected delight! I wish we would've saved them all (next time!), but here are just a few examples:

"My favorite character is NIM, because she is an animal lover with a flair for nostalgia." -euphorian54

"Kelby is my favorite rescue siren because she reminds me of myself while growing up. She's shy but pushes all her insecurities aside to help her friends or anyone who needs her help" -caymanmermaidbubbles

"Kelby has to be my favorite Rescue Siren, she reminds me of me in so many ways from her shyness to her love for mother ocean. I don't have the guts that she has to leave her family and life behind to pursue her dream, but after reading this book I have been greatly inspired. Kelby found amazing friends and a new home and I hope, like Kelby I can also find my home." -leascelynn

"It's hard to choose a favorite character but I'll have to go with Echo. Who wouldn't love an athletic girl with purple hair!" -punchy_mcfist

"It's hard to choose just one of the girls as a favorite but, I feel like Pippa is on the top of the list. Considering I see myself in her personality. Always finding the better in people and seeing the glass as half full. She's always focusing on the positive rather than the negative." -jerseymermaid9

"Favorite siren? Gotta rock the hair like Maris. Rep the colored bobs." -mosuga

Each week, winners' usernames were drawn at random, I packed up the books and goodies, and I shipped out the packages -- but it didn't end there, because all of our lucky recipients gave us a great gift by posting photos of their "Rescue Sirens" prize packages.

Neat, right? We loved seeing our books arrive safely at their new homes! And not only did Instagram user leascelynn create an awesome shadowbox to display her "Rescue Sirens" swag, but she also surprised us with this beautiful paper art of Kelby:

We were so impressed, and so touched! Thanks for all the "Rescue Sirens" love, everyone.

If you still haven't had an opportunity to read "Rescue Sirens: The Search for the Atavist," remember, you can always buy it in digital eBook format on Amazon -- but if you'd like a physical copy, we're also in the process of reprinting the book as a paperback.

The manuscript is actually at our printer's as I type, and we're hoping to have the softcovers up for purchase on Amazon sometime this summer. (It all depends on our ability to figure out this whole "fulfillment by Amazon" thing. Oof.) The paperback will feature fewer typos, a handful of clarity edits, and a revised cover design. We're so eager to share it with you all!