Dylan Bonner draws the Rescue Sirens September 12, 2016 15:20

From Jess:

I first ran across Dylan Bonner's work on Tumblr probably a year or two ago, and I loved what I saw: his use of shapes and colors is masterful; his illustrations are full of life and joy. They make you smile just to look at them!

Dylan's artwork has been featured on Buzzfeed ("This Man Had His Girlfriend Turned Into Disney Princesses For Valentines") and  E! News ("Alternate Reality: Disney Princesses Swap Lives and Wardrobes!"; "See Disney Characters Getting Into the Holiday Spirit in Your Favorite Christmas Movies"), and with good reason: Dylan's work, to me, brings to mind Disney Legend Mary Blair, a character designer and concept artist whose work is timeless in its appeal.

This past spring, while Chris and I were preparing the paperback reprint of "Rescue Sirens: The Search for the Atavist," I saw one of Dylan's recent mermaid drawings, and, feeling sassier than usual, I decided to contact him to see if he'd be interested in taking a commission to draw one of our Rescue Sirens.

Fortunately for us, Dylan agreed, and we were so delighted with his drawing of Echo that we asked him to draw the rest of the girls and a group shot!

(Click to enlarge.)

Aren't they gorgeous? We're in love!

You can follow Dylan's wonderful artwork on Instagram, Tumblr, and deviantART; you can also purchase prints and other merchandise in his Society6 store.