Rescue Siren Echo

The tough girl with a chip on her shoulder, Echo is the strongest, fastest, and most athletic of the Rescue Sirens. She wears her purple hair in a ponytail, and she has almond-shaped blue eyes and light skin; in her mermaid form, she sports the powerful tail of a blue marlin.

By far the most physically gifted of the girls, Echo doesn't really appear to take much joy from that fact. She doesn’t care much for humans  to the point that the other mermaids wonder what's behind her open dislike  and she resents being obligated to rescue shore-dwellers when they put themselves in harm's way, but Echo just can't help but do an outstanding job when she's called on to respond to an emergency. She's a natural. Echo's been known to show up late to work and sneak out early; regardless, she's the lifeguard that you want on duty if something goes wrong, and she makes a solid second-in-command for Nim… when Echo isn’t trying to challenge her fellow Rescue Siren for leadership, anyway.

Echo is stationed on the beach with Nim because Clymene, Nim's mother and the leader of their undersea community's tribal council, recognizes that Echo needs an eye kept on her, and Clymene hopes that Nim will be a good influence on a talented but troubled mermaid.

Echo feels very strongly about environmental issues, but she doesn't channel her passion in positive ways like Nim does; Echo’s been known to blow her top at people who leave their trash on the beach or feed potato chips to sea gulls. She's smaller than everyone except Pippa, so Echo has a bit of "short girl syndrome" going on, as well, and she feels a constant need to prove herself.

Not surprisingly, Echo’s favorite thing to do is working out, whether above water or below. She loves watching sports on TV and longs to learn to ride a bicycle, but she doesn’t want the other girls to see her doing anything that she isn’t already good at because it’s so important to Echo to maintain her image of competence. Outwardly confident and frequently sarcastic, secretly, Echo is very superstitious, and she's scared to death of ghosts. Rather than admitting to her fear, instead, Echo finds convenient excuses to avoid Pippa’s late-night horror movie marathons.

Images drawn by Chris Sanders; bottom illustration colored by Edgar Delgado.