Rescue Siren Nim

The level-headed animal lover, Nim is the leader of the Rescue Sirens in Miami. She has beachy blonde hair, gray eyes, and tan skin with freckles; in her mermaid form, she has a "classic" mermaid tail with broad swept-back flukes, blue as the ocean in the morning.

Nim takes her job as a Rescue Siren very seriously, and she feels a deep kinship with the humans she’s charged to protect. Like many mermaids, Nim’s curious about the human world and everything in it, and she has a particular interest in anything old: black-and-white movies, record players, antique books, brightly-colored dresses from the 1950s, fountain pens. In fact, Nim has a collection of ink pens and a stockpile of stationery and envelopes, but she doesn’t have anyone to write to on land. Sometimes, she writes to herself just to get a letter in the mail. Her handwriting is messy by human standards, but it’s pretty good for a mermaid, keeping in mind that merfolk don’t usually communicate using the written word.

Nim's mother, Clymene, is the head of the tribal council in the local mermaid community, Lophelia, and Nim naturally feels the need to live up to her mom's legacy. She does her best to look after the other Rescue Sirens, and to make sure they're all happy and doing the best they can at their job, but she's still growing up, herself, so juggling all of her responsibilities can get tough. Add to that the fact that Nim and Echo have been known to bump heads, especially over matters of leadership, and it can be a challenge for Nim to work side-by-side with Echo at the Miami Beach lifeguarding stand to which they're both assigned.

As an only child, Nim jokes that she grew up with pets instead of siblings, and she has a special affinity for animals above and beyond that of most mermaids. She'll always go out of her way to help a creature in need, and Nim makes an extra effort to teach humans about marine life and how to coexist with all the ocean's beings.

Images drawn by Chris Sanders; bottom illustration colored by Edgar Delgado.