The bubbly girly-girl, Pippa wears her black hair in braided pigtails and has violet eyes and coffee-colored skin; in her mermaid form, she has the tail of an extinct Caribbean monk seal.

Sweet, positive, and very glass-half-full, Pippa is more enchanted with the human world than any of the other mermaids. She especially loves anything New Age: horoscopes, psychics, crystals, feng shui, séances, spell-casting... you name it, and she's probably tried it. Pippa wants to believe in everything and everybody, which makes her endearing, but she also comes off as a little naïve sometimes, even if she means well. She has a ton of enthusiasm, though, and she loves her friends fiercely. Pippa is the kind of girl who would spring a makeover on you before you had a chance to object, and, even if it turned out terribly, you couldn't get mad or say anything negative because Pippa would just be so happy to "help" you and you wouldn't want to hurt her feelings. She's an open book and wants to be everyone's best friend.

Pippa loves board games, 1970s TV shows, salt and pepper shakers, glitter stickers, staying up too late, feeding animals, painting her toenails, and any recording artist that had no more than one hit. She has three Barbie dolls that she hides when Maris comes to find her Juice Newton and John Denver tapes. Pippa is at ease with machinery, both repairing it and operating it; of all the girls, she's the best on a jet-ski, and she keeps the fleet running at peak performance. Pippa frequents Offshore Flo's All-Night Diner, where the legendarily bad coffee keeps her happily caffeinated.

Pippa thinks humans are fintastic (she refers to them delightedly as "leggies"), and she especially loves children, which is fortunate because she's stationed at a public pool that's crawling with kids. When she’s not lifeguarding, Pippa watches a lot of TV — enjoying the commercials every bit as much as the programs, since she may not actually realize that there’s a difference — and she has a special fondness for horror movies of all kinds.


Image drawn by Chris Sanders and colored by Edgar Delgado.