"Rescue Sirens and the Great Fish Round-Up" Water-Resistant Paperback

$ 20.00

"Rescue Sirens and the Great Fish Round-Up" is the first book in the RESCUE SIRENS line of children's storybooks. Recommended for ages 7 and younger.

Nim is no ordinary lifeguard. She's a Rescue Siren -- a mermaid in disguise! As a Rescue Siren, it's Nim's job to help people and animals. When strange fish start showing up in the ocean one day, Nim knows that it's up to her and her mermaid friends to investigate. Where did these fish come from, and what should the mermaids do with them? Find out in "Rescue Sirens and the Great Fish Round-Up"!

Written by former marine conservation education instructor and lifeguard Jessica Steele-Sanders and animation writer/director Chris Sanders ("Lilo & Stitch," "How to Train Your Dragon"), with beautiful illustrations by artist Dylan Bonner, "Rescue Sirens and the Great Fish Round-Up" teaches valuable lessons about invasive species, responsible pet ownership, and teamwork -- all with the help of mermaids!

This fully-illustrated children's book is also printed on synthetic paper that is both rip-resistant and splash-proof -- if the book gets wet, simply wipe the pages dry! DO NOT leave the book to dry on its own. If a wet book is allowed to dry while closed, the pages can stick together and can cause ink transfer when separated. With just a bit of tender loving care, however, your book will come through exposure to water looking good as new! For all those little mermaids and mermen out there, this means that you can safely bring "Rescue Sirens and the Great Fish Round-Up" to the pool or the beach, or combine bath time and story time.

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