"Rescue Sirens: The Search for the Atavist" Kindle eBook

$ 2.99

Download the first RESCUE SIRENS novel! "Rescue Sirens: The Search for the Atavist" is the first book in the "Rescue Sirens" young adult novel series. Recommended for ages 8 and older.

Do you prefer to read your books on your favorite device so you can carry them with you wherever you go? We've got you covered: introducing "Rescue Sirens: The Search for the Atavist" in Kindle format, available now from Amazon.

For Nim, lifeguarding is more than just a summer job. She and her friends are Rescue Sirens, mermaids sworn to an ancient vow to watch over and protect humans -- and the best way to do that in today's world is by hiding in plain sight as lifeguards. When the Rescue Sirens receive word that a special human -- unwittingly possessing the rare power to turn into a mermaid -- has made her way to Miami Beach, it's up to them to find her before she transforms on her own and she's either discovered... or lost forever.

Written by Jessica Steele-Sanders and Academy Award-nominated animation writer/director Chris Sanders ("Lilo & Stitch," "How to Train Your Dragon," "The Croods"), and featuring interior illustrations by Genevieve Tsai as well as cover art drawn by Chris Sanders and colored by Edgar Delgado, "Rescue Sirens: The Search for the Atavist" is the origin story of the "Rescue Sirens" property.

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